IP68 Spot 6x 5 Watt Triled RGB

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    The PROLED IP68 SPOT is suitable as underwater spotlight for fountains, ponds, water gardens etc. for atmospheric or underwater lighting.


    dimmable, autom. colour change, controllable via DMX 512, DALI, KNX, 1-10 V, CASAMBI, RF by MULTI power supplies or PRO CONTROLLER

    incl. stainless steel tripod

    This IP68 luminaire can not be operated out of water for over 15 minutes (cooling).


    EULUMDAT/IES information


    IP classification:

    IP68 (for underwater use max. 1 m)


    Power source:

    24 VDC Common Cathode (CC)



    stainless steel 316, 13 mm PMMA


    Electrical connection:

    1x cable 3 m H05RN-F 4x 0,75 mm² with 4-PIN IP68 connector male


    Average lifetime:

    50.000 h at L80/B10


    Operating temperature range:

    -10° C till +40° C



    LED type:

    RGB 3-in-1 LEDs 5 Watt


    Luminous flux:

    red 400 Lumen


    green 800 Lumen


    blue 140 Lumen


    r+g+b (white) 1200 Lumen


    Wave length:

    red 620 nm


    green 525 nm


    blue 460 nm


    Beam angle:



    Due to conditions of production photometric data can vary from production batch to production batch within the EU directive.

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